Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use of Web Portal, Applications and / or Web Components

Always looking to manage an environment of transparency to you is that we offer our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (from now on GTCS) which must be accepted before finalizing the purchase process, Madec Tours EIRL (from now on MADEC TOURS – PERU) reserves the right to make adjustments or improvements at any time to this document and any means of communication or interaction with our clients (anyone who has purchased a product or service marketed by MADEC TOURS – PERU)

The use of our website, applications and / or web components by our visitors (from now on user) certifies full, direct, conscious and unreserved acceptance of all and each of the provisions in these GTCS, therefore we invite you to read carefully these GTCS, since (as noted above lines) may be changed or modified.

Some of the services we provide from third have particular characteristics own service (from now on particular characteristics) and as the case may replace or complement the GTCS, the same that will be clearly shown as additional information for the User Registration, User and / or Client. Because of the own consideration of the particular characteristics these may not be available in English, MADEC TOURS – PERU always seek that information can be provided in this language and yet be defined directly by the service provider, MADEC TOURS – PERU can not take the assignment to make a translation while providing an interpretation of these own definitions.


The use of navigation and access to our website, applications and / or web components are free. However our services and / or market are subject to a payment for that service delivery, MADEC TOURS – PERU may in some cases include an amount for this benefit or assistance, the same that will always be clearly indicated in the purchasing process.

  1. Brands, logos and providers

Any brand, logo and / or vendor name that is shown on our website,applications and / or web components are used for informational purposes only and are the property of their respective owners or owner of the intellectual property.

  1. Log/ affiliation and user responsibility

The access and browsing our web portal, applications and / or web components does not require prior registration. However access to rates and / or special agreements require certain services itself a record, the users are free to choose to register or not; agree with the registration forms available MADEC TOURS – PERU chords for this purpose. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of Law N°29733, Law on Protection of Personal Data in Peru, pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, regulating Law 1581 of 2012, provided that all data is communicated and recorded on forms that are provided in the registration of the User, will be automatically recorded and stored in the database MADEC TOURS – PERU, obtaining at the time the consideration of Registered User.

The Registered User grants and direct consent pursuant to periodically receive electronic mailings containing advertising, news, reminders, invite them to competitions, invite them to conduct surveys for statistics generation and others referred to the field of tourism and generated by MADEC TOURS – PERU, about services and products offered by MADEC TOURS – PERU, just as necessary and have clear mechanisms for a Registered User can unsubscribe from this service, for which MADEC TOURS – PERU could ask for a small one-time survey is complete at the reason for the request from the unsubcribe service.

MADEC TOURS – PERU declares that the personal information provided will not be delivered in use, marketed, sold, rented or transferred in any way and that since only be to maintain communication with our Registered Users.

MADEC TOURS – PERU take that as information entered by User or  Registered User when making your reservation, considering that Customer data entered exactly as they appear in your active and valid ID (ID / DNI / Passport or Certificate of Alien )

MADEC TOURS – PERU may request consideration any copy of identification to validate this information, at all times safeguarding the personal information of our client.

The User or Registered User is solely responsible for knowing the requirements and referrals vigencias migrations and validities related to migration (Visas, Passports, Notarial permissions for Minors, valid Identity Documents,etc) customs (products that do not pay or pay taxes) and health rules destination (vaccines, health alerts), MADEC TOURS – PERU not necessarily validate such knowledge Client, therefore the User, Registered User and / or Client is directly responsible to have the documentation required by the relevant authorities. The process, management and obtaining visas below to visit a country is the sole responsibility of the Customer therefore it may not indicate MADEC TOURS – PERU responsible for problems that may occur to the Customer by not having the documents under the conditions prescribed by the relevant authorities.If the Customer does not take an agreed service date, time and form may not hold responsible MADEC TOURS – PERU by actions taken by the service provider, under this scenario, any redemption request could not be received.

  1. Quotes and Paid Reservations

For managed using the booking engine services will immediately process both,  the collection and generation of a reservation code, to quote or armed services budgets, MADEC TOURS – PERU assign a destination specialist to respond to your request in a time of no more than 24 hours on business days.

Upon submit a quote (budget based on solicitude) MADEC TOURS – PERU sends the estimated price, MADEC TOURS – PERU always seek to respect the prices until the issuance of tickets, tickets or vouchers for services, however, the amendment thereof is possible because the providers are who deliver this information, MADEC TOURS – PERU use the available mechanisms to meet the User or Registered User for modification of that price; the price will not change or changes provided that the product or service meets confirmation of payment.

  1. Insurance

It is good practice to hire a travel insurance as contingency or assistance abroad, is important to consider travel insurance that do not allow cancellations, so they may not be refundable.

  1. Baggage

The loss, theft and / or damage to baggage Client is not responsible of MADEC TOURS – PERU, this is why we recommend to our customer hiring a travel insurance. Depending on the acquired airfare assigned an approximate weight ranging between 20 to 23 Kilos for checked baggage and a maximum of 8 Kilos as hand luggage, considering this particular dimensions, for further details should be sent to the website of the airline you always have the latest information regarding these policies.

  1. Date Changes

Air fares, Train fares, Bus fares does not allow date changes before considering availability on the new date and then consider second penalty fare difference plus if applicable. Date changes concerning other types of services depend on the conditions and availability indicated by the corresponding service provider.

  1. Offered Services, Commitment and Responsibility of MADEC TOURS – PERU

MADEC TOURS – PERU not provide, lend or managed services or products sold in our website, applications and / or web components, these are the responsibility of each of the suppliers depending on the type of service or product. MADEC TOURS – PERU is the intermediary between the User or Registered User and a service provider; being our participation as a negotiator who seeks the best option to sell to the User or Registered User, therefore the User or Registered User acknowledges and agrees that MADEC TOURS – PERU not provide the service or product purchased, without preventing it MADEC TOURS – PERU offers the greatest support and interest for these services or contracted products are delivered to the User or Registered User agreement and in accordance with the features offered at the time of purchase.

MADEC TOURS – PERU not responsible for acts of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, climatic events that occur before or during the development of services so that complicate the total or partial execution thereof, as well as by the schedule changes, cancellations and / or rescheduling of flights, cruises, trains, buses, however, as we noted in the previous paragraph and as intermediaries who we are, MADEC TOURS – PERU offer any assistance to the User or Registered User has solution against time and if applicable, to support the request of the respective refunds.

The prices displayed on our web components for each type of service web portal, applications and / or are offered according to the supplier and include taxes and other tax law or charges, which will be detailed according to the information provided, commission or other charges may be applied and will always be visible and clear to the User or Registered User.

The acquisition of a service through our website, applications and / or web site components implies explicit acceptance of the User or Registered User to the GTCS that were expressed here and also own Special Features provider in question; we urge the User or Registered User to revise these special conditions.

MADEC TOURS – PERU reserves the power to authorize any sale transaction processing service, resulting from an alert or suspicion of attempted fraud or not, MADEC TOURS – PERU has its own fraud prevention system that evaluates the operations and / or online transactions. If an operation is considered as risky other payment options will be presented to the User or Registered User.

  1. Cancellations

In most cases MADEC TOURS – PERU not charge commission for the cancellation of service, however each service provider maintains its own cancellation policies, the same that are communicated and visible to the User or Registered User prior to the end of the buying process.

  1. Claims and / or Complaints

MADEC TOURS – PERU has a Complaints Book available virtually and in different local care to the public, according to what is stated in the Code and Consumer Protection, likewise has an email account for the Customer which is customercare@madectours.com

  1. Refunds

Most airline tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, entrance tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-endorsable, any request for reimbursement related to other service provider exclusively depend service provider, its processes and requirements.

To begin the application process refund must be filed within the first 15 calendar days before to start the service (during office hours) written all documentation to justify or substantiate the request, besides being signed by the Customer who made the purchase, after this period of time and under any circumstances no refund request will be accepted.

For refunds in USA and Peru, will be charged a Refund Service FEE CASH or a MCO 890 (USA) as appropriate, for it must cancel the reservation, to avoid a NO SHOW or SUSPEND the TICKET (as this would leave the air ticket void which causes a debit memo).

If the air ticket, bus ticket, train ticket or entrance ticket was paid by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card via ARC (USA) or BSP (Peru) and the average time it takes for 15-30 days, if air ticket, bus ticket, train ticket or entrance ticket was paid in cash, will inform the Department Reports / Refunds who will notify Accounts Payable for the respective return is made.

If the refund is due to death or illness must attach a copy of the CERTIFICATES READABLE or relevant documents to substantiate the reasons for the refund.

All documentation and / or communication to the Department Reports / Refunds should be sent to e-mail: refund@madectours.com

  1. Court / Suspension of Service

MADEC TOURS – PERU done regularly maintain their servers, however we can not be responsible for the unavailability of certain services or online connections with our service providers.

  1. Final Considerations

While these GTCS are shown to the User or Registered User before finalizing the purchase process and are required to continue accepting the final process, also considers the acceptance of them:

  • Full payment of the contracted services.
  • The use of one of the contracted services.
  • The acceptance of the invoice and / or tax receipt related to purchased services.

The failure by the User or Registered User of any of the conditions precedent or other contained in these GTCS and / or particular characteristics may entail the immediate termination of your account.


We offer our Cookies Usage Policy and Data Protection Policy

Yours Faithfully,